1997 – Retro-Perspective – Diorama Gallery, London

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Graham Day who was born in London in 1946, studied Fine Art at Corsham (Bath Academy of Art) and at The Slade School (University of London). He held his first one-man exhibition at the Thumb Gallery in Soho, London in 1974 and has shown consistently since then. His retro-perspective at Diorama Arts of over 100 prints, drawings and artists books demonstrate his eclectic interests that range from anthropology to zoomorphic calligraphy and employ an equally diverse range of techniques.

“Visionaries have the knack of seeing beyond the ordinary range, and artists like Day often use that faculty to make fantasies real and reality fantastic”
H.A.Harrison, New York Times Feb. 16 1997

The widely respected American scholar S.C.Welch noted in 1995….

“your work pleases the eye, mind and hand. It FEELS right, and the imoges are movingly unhackneyed, although rooted in familiar ‘cross-cultural’ forms’.
Harvard University Museums, Cambridge.

“beautifully produced and carefully compiled”
Dr Mirjam M. Foot, Director, Collections and Preservation, British Museum

Graham Day’s work can be found in the following public collections;
1976 Arts Council of Great Britatn
1986 Museum of Modern Art, New York
1990 Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris
1990 British Library, London
1994 Royal Museums of Scotland, Edinburgh
1995 British Museum, London

and numerous private collections.

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